Winter Boots Feature Studded Reversible Treads



By Chris Scott Barr

After spending a week in Vegas for CES, I was less than thrilled to come back home and find more snow on the ground. This means trading in my shoes for boots as I go wandering around outside. But even boots don’t always have the grip one needs for traversing the frozen landscape. That is why these particular boots have a little extra grip hidden underneath.

These boots seem much like any other, and can be worn whenever you like. However, when the time comes that you need that extra bit of grip, you can take the two red pieces of plastic tread and reverse them. On the other side are a number of tiny spikes to grip on the snow and ice. Granted, you’ll need to mess with putting them back the other way before stepping inside anywhere. Unless you do a lot of outdoor work in bad winter weather, I think that these $200 boots might be overdoing it.

[ Hammacher ] VIA [ Dvice ]