Wireless Belkin Flip – Share Your Peripherals


Belkin Flip Wireless (Image courtesy Belkin)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you’re running a couple of computers but don’t really want to sacrifice the desk real-estate for two sets of keyboards, mice and monitors then a KVM switch is the way to go. The Flip from Belkin allows you to share all those peripherals across 2 systems whether they connect via PS/2 or USB. (Depending on which version of the Flip you buy that is.) It also allows you to share a single set of speakers which was always a headache with other KVMs I’ve used in the past.

And if desktop clutter is one of your biggest concerns the Belkin Flip includes a small, wireless remote for switching between systems and uses an LED to indicate which computer is currently being accessed.

The wireless version of the Flip is available on the Belkin website for $79 while a lamer corded version is available for $59. PS/2 compatible versions are also available for $49 or $59.

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