Wireless Multi-Player Poker Game (Image courtesy Hammacher Schlemmer)By Andrew Liszewski

This wireless poker game from Hammacher Schlemmer makes it easy for up to six players to compete in a Texas Hold ‘Em poker tournament in the comfort of your own home. The main unit connects to a television and provides an overhead view of the poker table with icons showing the players, their winnings, the hole cards, the community cards as well as the current pot.

There are also six wireless controllers with LCD screens that allow each player to manage their hands while keeping them secret via a sliding screen cover. But if you’re planning a poker night with 5 friends you might want to make sure you’ve stocked up on batteries first. While the main unit requires 4 AA batteries, each of the the six controllers require 3 AAA batteries.

Of course this isn’t the first wireless multiplayer poker game I’ve seen on the market. If I remember correctly the last time I was in Vegas the casinos were using something called a deck of cards to provide a similar experience for players.

But if cards are too low-tech for your posse you can find the hi-tech version on the Hammacher site for $59.95.

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