By Chris Scott Barr

Hooking your PC up to your living room TV isn’t too much of a challenge these days, unless the two are across the room from each other. Whether you think your computer would look out of place below your wall-mounted LCD TV or you have it setup with a monitor somewhere else (for use as a regular desktop), you’ll need something else to help you get the two talking to each other. Thankfully Warpia has a simple solution.

Their new Wireless USB Display Adapter Set  contains everything you need to wirelessly connect your PC to your TV. The base station contains both VGA (with a 3.5mm audio jack) and HDMI connections for your TV, while the other end plugs into a USB port on your computer. The device has a 30-foot range and supports resolutions up to 720p. The set is currently selling for $120 through Warpia.

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