I support anything that uses chemical wizardry to achieve cool new functionality. Wolfgang Puck, it seems, feels the same. He’s licensed this new product from California company OnTech.

It took a California company named OnTech seven years and $24 million to create the self-heating cans, which are activated by pushing a plastic button on the bottom. Water flows into a sealed inner cone filled with quicklime, which is mostly calcium oxide. A chemical reaction heats the coffee to a pleasant 145 degrees in six to eight minutes, the amount of time it might take to order, pay for and receive a latte from a barista

But see, I live in Canada. Living in Canada means we get everything cool, last. And that, my friends, sucks.

And, oh yeah, don’t mind me, I just like to complain a lot.

VIA Makemagazine.com.


  1. Great Product! We were at a Camp Jeep Event with about 5000 other Jeepers and this product was being given away for everyone to try. We got a good dozen of them (for free) and really love them. Be careful opening because they build up a little pressure and can spurt on you, but well worth the mess. I woas looking at these for an emergency ration in case of hurricane (live in Florida). It would be great. It is even sold at local Target and in bulk at BJs.

    Give it a try.