Wonder Pizza Vending Machine (Image courtesy Wonder Pizza USA)
By Andrew Liszewski

If the 20-minute wait for a pizza delivery seems like an excruciatingly long time then you might want to think about installing a pizza vending machine at home instead. The ‘Wonder Pizza’ cooks and serves 9-inch whole pizzas in only 2 minutes and each machine can hold up to 3 different flavors. The pizza itself apparently comes from Chicago-based ‘Connie’s Pizza’ so there might be hope that the final product is actually edible.

The machine took 5 years and some 6 million dollars of R&D to develop and the final version can hold 102 pizzas. It has both a refrigeration unit to keep the uncooked pie fresh and an electrical oven (no microwaves) that ensures the final product has a crisp crust. The amount of crispness can even be set by the customer during the ordering process.

The ‘Wonder Pizza’ machines are already being distributed worldwide and the cost for a 9-inch pizza is about $5-6.

[ Wonder Pizza Vending Machine ] VIA [ Crave ]


  1. Wow! Thank you for a great site. Some 10+ years ago I saw an early version of this on the program “Beyond 2000” on Discovery Channel. And now the internet has finally bested that last gadget I remember TV having showed me.
    Thank you 🙂

  2. Don’t hold your breath on the pizza being of any decent quality. No self-respecting Chicagoan would vouch for Connies. Still, it’s a neat machine and pizza, like sex, is good even when it’s bad. I wonder how long the pre-vended pizza will keep.

  3. Máquina expendedora de pizzas…

    Esta máquina no la encontré en el feed de Flickr que se encuentra al pie de la página de inicio de este sitio, sino que leí sobre ella en Infobae. Navegando un poco llegué, a través de Techeblog , a Oh Gizmo!:

    Vista previa de . Lea la entrada c…