Wooden Mirrors, TechnoCool Artwork


By David Ponce

So this is straight out of 1999. Still, I bet one or two of you will still think it’s better than Plumpudding Thursday with Grandma. It’s artwork/technological innovation/super gadget, created by artist Daniel Rozin. “Wooden Mirrors” are built from cameras, a computer, some custom software and a pane covered in hundreds of 1.5 inch square pieces of wood, each one controlled by it’s own servo motor. The cameras look at you, split your image up in the number of wooden “pixels” that the pane is made of, and the servo motors then adjust the wood squares to create your likeness.

Move you hand across this mirror of sorts, and the wood pixels will shift accordingly to recreate the passage of your hand.

Think this is better than Neil Armstrong’s toenail clippings? Dig out $120,000 and you can have your own. Check out the website right here. There’s a video here. And the story is VIA BookOfJoe.


  1. Interesting how so much of the high-end technology these days seems to incorporate very organic elements… This is the “ultimate” expression of “organic-ized” technology, and fits in nicely with the wood-paneled laptop you featured last month.

  2. Spiegeltje spiegeltje

    Woow, dit is wel heel erg techno-retro! Een houten spiegel! Zoals je op het plaatje ziet, bestaat deze spiegel uit een 830 ‘houten pixels.’ Elke pixel heeft een motortje, zodat hij kan draaien en verschillende tinten bruin kan weergeven. Dit…