picop laser projector

By David Ponce

Unfortunately, this technology is still in its early stages, but we’re finding Alexander Tokman of Microvision’s promises interesting. He’s working on technology that would ideally integrate right into today’s mobile handsets, and allow them to project images (whether video or pictures) onto a nearby wall. The display is called PicoP, and uses commercially available green lasers, in conjunction with developments of an Integrated Photonics Module (IPM) to project WGA or SVGA resolutions, at 20 lumens, on a wall up to half a meter away in a lighted environment. In a dark environment, ever larger images can be achieved.

Tokman says there is strong demand from global OEM’s, especially from the Asian market. There’s a working prototype ready, and he envisions complete integration within two years.

Oh, you wanna see that prototype working? Well, come inside for a video.

[Interview With Tokman] VIA [TechEBlog]


  1. It is nice to actually see this device working. I?ve been following this type of projector for some time but have never seen a video or photo of it in action. This would be extremely useful; especially if they can get it brighter and higher resolutions. I?d like one in my laptop for work so I?d not have to carry a projector around. Not sure about adding it to a phone but then again, why not?

  2. Here’s what I saw:

    The demonstrator attaches the PicoP microprojector to the back of a mobile phone and that’s what’s projecting the image on the small white screen to the right. Note the keystone effect (smaller on the bottom than the top) caused by the low angle of projection.

    The device (likely a prototype or demo of one of their other products) visible in the left hand side of the frame appears to be mounted to project onto the larger screen that’s just visible to that side.

    My two cents.

  3. Prot?tipo Funcional de Projetor para Celulares…

    Esta tecnologia ainda est? nos est?gios iniciais, mas a Microvision apresenta um prot?tipo funcional de um celular que ? capaz de projetar imagens em uma parede que esteja pr?xima. O PicoP usa lasers verdes em conjun??o com desenvolvimentos de….