Super SubwooferBy Josh Ray.

No, it’s not a fan. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the world’s most powerful subwoofer: the Eminent Tech TRW 17. Rather than your garden variety 10 or 12 inch paper cone pulsating back and forth, this subwoofer creates a wall of air as big as your living room. In other words, the entire room becomes a resonating box!

By rotating the fins and modulating the speed, frequency goes all the way down to 1Hz, the territory of jet engines, nuclear explosions and plate tectonics. By comparison, your typical sub hits 20Hz on its best day.

With a price of $12,900, the TRW 17 is for rap superstars only. Rumor has it smaller versions are in the works as well as one model specifically for cars — naturally, you must present your rap superstar ID at time of purchase.

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  1. Je kamer = een subwoofer!

    Leuk hoor, die woofer met een diameter van een halve meter, maar dit is toch een tikkie vetter. De TRW17 van Eminent Technology lijkt op een ventilator, maar het is toch echt een subwoofer. In plaats van het werken met…

  2. World’s Most Powerful Subwoofer

    Coming soon to a 1986 Monte Carlo down your street at 3 a.m. is the TRW 17 subwoofer. This isn?t your grandma’s subwoofer. Hell, this doesn?t even look like a subwoofer, but it is. Normal subwoofers pulsate a concave paper…

  3. WOW! I won’t one – no, make that two!!! (Need one for the car also!)

    I wonder if I can build one my self… Does anyone have the schematics ?

  4. the human ear can hear only 20Hz and higher, but the human bowel can respond to even lower frequencies igniting an outrageous desire for fried chicken: D

  5. It’s not the world’s most powerful sub, not even close. In fact it’s so far off it’s in another state.

    Look at the specs:
    Maximum acoustic output >110dB between 1 and 30Hz (which usually means between 110 and 111dB)

    No match for my own sub, a Servodrive Contrabass, which has a maximum output of 114dB at 16Hz and cost only $5K rather than $17K for the ET sub. Furthermore, my sub is the smallest in the Servodrive range!

    The most powerful sub I know of is my sub’s big brother:

    That has a max output of 130dB!! Equivalent to about 8 of those ET weaklings working in tandem 🙂

  6. even though humans can only hear frequenys of 20hz and above you can feel anything below that. I’ve heard(of should i say felt) a recording of a battle at 8hz and it is amazing how much the house shook. Even though you can hit higher decibels anything that can achieve a lower frequency will definatly sound louder.

  7. Even if you can’t hear it, lower frequencies can resonate constructively and make the audible frequencies louder or softer. Instruments also make sounds we can’t hear, but its often because of those sounds that they sound different in real life than when recorded

  8. It’s like a helicopter tail rotor.

    A helicopter tail rotor spins at a constant
    The pitch of the blades can be changed almost instantly causing a blast of air in one direction or the other.

  9. Maximum acoustic output >110dB between 1 and 30Hz is much more impressive for a subwoofer than a Servodrive Contrabass, which has a maximum output of 114dB at 16Hz.

  10. Not only can it create some awsome sound in the feel but not hear range, but it can keep you cold on a hot summer day and if you act now we’ll throw the salad shooter blades in free.

  11. Ok, so this is a great LF Subwoofer. But what do you drive it with that will give you 1Hz? Yeah it would be great to feel “getting hit” in Quake but we don’t have any commercially available amps that will run that low in frequency. ;-/

  12. It’s not that we can’t hear below 20 Hz. What happens is that below 20 Hz we can hear each cycle as a separate occurence. So at 10Hz, for example, our brain hears an iterative succession of thumps reather than a continuous pitch. You could tap your finger on a glass table twice per second easily and that would be a 2 Hz “sound” (I say glas, because if you do it on a wood table, most likely you’ll get the table top vibrating much faster). Now if you could accelerate your taping more and more, by the time you hit 20 times per second (or more) you would get to a point where you no longer discern taps and hear a low pitch.

  13. […] Aside from looking a little like a giant pimped-out Hershey Kiss, this prototype speaker from Fostex seems really promising for those of use who really like to feel our music (for another such speaker, check this one out). Instead of using a paper cone and inducing vibrations in the air, this particular speaker shakes the living snot out of whatever surface it happens to be sitting on (like your table). The technology behind it sounds quite esoteric: It features an actuator using a super magnetostrictor that extends and shrinks in line with magnetic field changes. The actuator converts input sound into the vibration and conveys it to the tabletop thus rendering sound. To ensure the conveyance of vibration, the system itself is as heavy as 1.8 kg. Super magnetostrictor. The only somewhat useful stuff I found in Google on this is here, though it’s much to lengthy for me to read through. […]

  14. […] Well, the list really goes on and on. So, I’ll finish it up with this one: Eminent Tech’s TRW17, aka the world’s most powerful subwoofer. Of course, “most powerful” is a bit of a misnomer, as the TRW’s claim to fame is its ability to generate frequencies as low as 1Hz. It’s not a traditional subwoofer, with a magnet and a cone. Instead, it uses a fan-like design, where the blades are rotated and modulated to create a cone of vibrating air that can turn an entire room into a resonating box. And sure, you can’t really hear at that low a frequency, but I’m told that your insides get quite the shaking, and I know we’re all up for a little gut-shaking, no? [The World’s Most Powerful Subwoofer] […]

  15. First of all the MTX Jackhammer is not the most powerfull woofer in the world. On Pimp My Ride they had 8,000 watts running the woofer, the db meter read 137 db. that is extremly weak. My friend has a single RE XXX 12″ woofer with 2,400 watts running it and he hit 147 db. And my friend has 3 Powerbass 15″ woofers with 9,000 total power and he hit 157 db.

  16. hey, you guys might be forgetting.

    decibels are powerful an all, but we talkin low frequency here. we talkin 1hz!!!!!!!!!!
    are you sure you can compare a babys screaming (around 128 db)
    to the thunder of a 1hz wave?

  17. People who are so stuck up with the fact that a cone engineered subwoofer is the most powerful because of wattage or because the “company says so”–no fucking shit the company is going to say so… what do you think? “OH, WE’RE THE SECOND BEST, OUR COMPETITOR IS BETTER THOUGH”–amperage, you guys are total morons. Cone woofers are pushed to their technological limits and it’s about time they invented a better subwoofer. Remember how big the first computers and processors were compared to that of today and then compare how powerful they are. The bigger is not always better. 1Hz….. be serious… at the low frequency there is ZERO distortion regardless of the volume. 1Hz is also really the frequency of a nuclear explosion. db is nothing when you compare something at a frequency of 1Hz… neither is max wattage… This this essentially has no wattage limit… the more you have, the louder it’ll get without compromises in quality… what more can you ask for besides a lower price? So all the white hats stuck up about size and db have to take in account for this NOT being a traditional cone subwoofer.

  18. So, Pioneer’s team wins the bass compition every year, now they have a sub that they claim to be ‘The Most Powerful” the TS-W8102SPL @ 8k Watts & 170dB , shuttle launch (if I’m not mistaken). The TRW 17 creats 1Hz sound at whatever dB,so what. What really matters is the wattage that reaches the listener/feeler. Yes, sound is really measured in wattage, dB is a scale of magnitude. Bare with me if I’m not exactly correct, it’s been ten years since I last studied this stuff. For the purpose of measuring how much energy is actually converted into sound you’d need to measure the wattage over a given time, say, ten seconds. Then you could really say which was more powerful. Just comparing dB is like comparing current generation video game consoles by bit (NES-8bit, SNES-16bit, get it?) what really matters is what comes out. And BTW, ‘conventional’ subwoofers aren’t conventional anymore. Carbon Fiber pushed the limits higher, Titanium pushed the limits higher, and now ceramics are pushing the limits even higher. Wait until Carbon Nano Tube materials replace carbon fiber. The only thing that’s the same in my subs as my grandma’s is the basic shape and a magnetic feild drives both.

  19. dude, i can makee that myself. aint no need to spend more than 1000 dollars on sumthin like that. the general idea is its a fan hooked up to a speaker, kinda like when u hook up a batterie motor and bite it or strap a vibrator to your desk. not much different except for its air.

  20. will somebody[ by somebody i mean a well known acoustics engineer] plse explain me what technology it uses and how this technology works? how those funky fins vibrate the air particles to produce lower frequencies. my e-mail- [email protected]

  21. the mtx true 22 jackhammer pushes 12,000 watts of infuriating bass and it has the largest magnet on any subwoofer at 900 ounces. yeah that’s well over 50lbs, it has a 6.5 inch voice coil.

  22. the mtx jackhammer fail!!!

    137db, 8000watts, 22″.

    I clock 134db @ 45 hz with a 500rms kicker cvr with approx 350 – 400 rms on it. I without even trying, my box isnt even built for spl.

  23. ….lol …. everyone talking about … ” i reached this dB and i got this wattage … your distortion levels are fuckin ridiculous and the sound and feel is garbage compared to something at 1 fucking hertz ONE HERTZ …. 1Hz … put enough power in that …. the sound produced at 1Hz will turn your insides … out … you can practically create a nuclear blastwave and by blastwave i mean soundwave which destroys everything it passes with the right amount of power running through that thing.

    Can your sub re-create hiroshima? i think not so gtfo with your shit ass boasting about dB and wattage at 35 fucking piss poor Hertz … get back to college and learn something

  24. That would kill the purpose of buying it if you'd only play rap crap through it. lol.

    Crank some Korn or Tool through that thing and that'd blow your socks off 100 times more.

  25. im good with what i got….. i have 6 12 inch 15,000 watt earthquakes with 2 25,000 watt earthquake amps ive never really tested it on DB but id honestly have to say it hits around 180+ DB maybe idk id have to check but at least 180 the Hz i got down to 15Hz and i wouldnt go lower cuz i could NOT handle that much bass lol…….. still id like to hear that TRW 17 in my GMC!

  26. Evolution Acoustics MMseven
    Frequency Response -3dB   7Hz-100Hz 
    Frequency Response -6dB   3Hz-100Hz 

    Baffle Thickness 2” 600lbs Dimensions (HxWxD) 85” x 18” x 30” 
    (4) 15” Treated Paper Subwoofers 2000 WRMS
    And Part Of A Two Tower Pair. 

    Still can’t measure up to the massive thrust of air the TRW-17 put out which uses the whole room as an acoustic box!!!
    All this talk of MTX 22in Subs & other massive Subs just cannot push the masses of air needed to create 1Hz!!….The 
    Above mention set is probably the closes I’ve read about spec wise, to come close to 1Hz in a box.

  27. Evolution Acoustics MMseven Active Sub Woofer (Home Audio)
    (4) 15” Treated Paper 
    Frequency Response -3dB  7Hz-100Hz 
    Frequency Response -6dB  3Hz-100Hz 
    Weight  600lbs 
    85” x 18” x 30 Rated (RMS) 2000 Watts
    Part of a system pair.

    Is not the most powerful Sub by any means, but definitely the lowest in Hz that I’ve ever heard of for a conventional Sub.  And still cannot move anywhere the amount of air the TRW-17 Rotary Woofer can, which uses the entire room as an acoustical box.  The MTX JackHammer 22in. Subwoofer can get as loud as you can take it, but Hz wise can’t touch 1Hz!!!  Listening to 20Hz @ 160db can do some damage, quite a bit!  
    But 1Hz  160db would rearrange your insides literally. 

    MTX JackHammer, Description: 22″ SubwooferImpedance: Dual 4 OhmsFrequency Response: 20Hz – 150RMS Power (Watts) : 6,000Rec. RMS Amplifier Power (Watts): 3,000 – 6,000Voice Coil: 6.5″Magnet Weight (oz.): 900Mounting Depth: 21-1/16″Cut Out Diameter: 20-1/4″