Do looks still matter as much as they used to, or have people changed? For years, we’ve heard about how so many people have come to the realization that true love prevails, regardless of someone’s wealth, status, or appearance. Putting this to the test is Jason from¬†Simple Pickup, who donned a fat suit and confidently set out to ask random girls for their digits.

Did his confidence and personality win them over, or did his looks turn them off before he even opened his mouth?

The social experiment is interesting and its results undoubtedly say a lot about people’s perceptions nowadays. If you think about it, the results aren’t all that surprising. You can check the clip out above to see for yourself.

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  1. This proves nothing (assuming the encounters were not staged), I bet that most of them either gave him fake numbers or were not going to go out with him if he actually called them, when they are interviewed they are just saying what seems like the right thing to say, but most people care about looks a lot more than they are willing to admit, specially women.