Wrist-Mounted iPhone Case For Motorcycle Riders



By Chris Scott Barr

I’ve never rode on a motorcycle, but I would imagine that using an iPhone on one wouldn’t be the easiest of tasks. In fact, I probably wouldn’t even bother trying. Of course those that are more skilled at riding might want to do so, and for those people there is the iBike Rider Case.

This waterproof wrist-mounted (or handlebar-mounted) case is just about the only way you could hope to use your favorite phone on a bike. You obviously aren’t going to be able to have your hands free enough to operate it, so the hard plastic case isn’t going to allow you to take advantage of the touchscreen. It does have an optional battery pack that will allow you to use functions like GPS without leaving your battery dead when you reach your destination. You can also purchase a separate headset that will allow you to talk on the phone through your helmet. The case itself is going to set you back about $57, or you can get a bundle with the headset and case for $85. If you want the battery back as well, all three items together will run $159.

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