x-rep taser

By Ryan Nill

Guess what I want for Christmas! The embedded video makes this look so awesome I can’t even qualify for words. The person’s face after getting zapped? Priceless. I can only hope that he was compensated justly for being shot at with electrified bullets while being videotaped.

He is being shot at with the brand new X-Rep, a self contained arrow-taser-bullet with a range of up to 100 feet. Popular Mechanics says “The XREP punctures the target with multiple probes, and then unspools to dangle from the unfortunate belligerent’s body, all the while applying Taser’s infamous rapid-fire electrical pulses. As an added bonus, any helpful passerby trying to yank the XREP out of the target before the 20-second discharge cycle is finished will also get zapped, thanks to a ‘hand-trap wire’ that’s nestled in among the other hanging cables.” So hot, those facial expressions should be rated NC-17.

[ Popular Mechanics ] VIA [ techeblog ]