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Xtensor Gamer Hand Exerciser

Xtensor Gamer Hand Exerciser

Xtensor Gamer Hand Exerciser (Images courtesy ThinkGeek)
By Andrew Liszewski

Tired of being completely destroyed by 15-year-olds everytime you try and play a little Halo or Counterstrike online? (The kids still play that right?) Well the reason you suck may not be because you’re too old, but because your hands are not properly conditioned for maximum controller efficiency. And that’s exactly what the Xtensor hand exerciser promises to fix. But if you’re not convinced by those product shots, I’m sure this blurb of medical mumbo-jumbo will sell you on the idea:

The Xtensor is the only product on the market to perform with true biomechanical correctness, able to stimulate muscles and tendons in the hands, wrists and elbows that have been virtually off limits to all other devices. Repetitive gripping and squeezing of your game-controller or mouse forces extended isometric contractions of the flexor muscles of the hands and fingers producing an unnatural imbalance over time as the hands operate in a mostly closed position. For this reason, patients with hand, wrist and elbow disorders experience unnecessarily long healing times and high reoccurrence rates.

And besides making you a better gamer (supposedly) the Xtensor also serves as an effective treatment for tennis elbow and even arthritis pain. All for just $39.99 from ThinkGeek.

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