By David Ponce

What you have here is a sports headband with an integrated brain wave sensor. This feeds into a smartphone for analysis. Why? We’re not sure since, while commercially available, the product is in fairly early development. Our understanding is that your “relaxation, focus and other parameters” can be analyzed while you work out to inform you of your own brain status. Are you pushing yourself to the max, or are you just feeling lazy? Now that you’ve been jogging for 4 hours straight, is it your body that’s about to fail, or is it your brain? Are these the sort of questions it seeks to answer? We don’t really know. The company is touting the availability of SDKs for outside developers to create the kind of software that could give the XWave Sport the sort of functionality we hope it can have. For now it’s a sweat-proof, washable headband that can read some brain activity parameters. It’s $99 and available now for Android devices, and not iOS just yet.

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