Yamaha NX-A01 One-Box Cubic Design Speaker (Image courtesy Yamaha)
By Andrew Liszewski

There are countless miniature speakers designed for cellphones, MP3 players and even laptops that claim to produce ‘big speaker’ sound. While I’m skeptical of their claims, if there was one company that I thought could pull it off it would be Yamaha. Their NX-A01 Cubic Design speaker is only about 3.5 inches on each side, but uses their Swing Radiator Bass technology to boost the low-end. I’m not entirely sure what SR-Bass is, but here’s the description from the Yamaha website:

The is a method of efficiently producing bass by causing a panel-shaped diaphragm with one side completely immobilized to function as a passive radiator. Causing it to move by the vibration mode of the rumbling of the diaphragm itself efficiently increases bass energy.

The speaker unit itself is a 3cm titanium cone that’s capable of reproducing the entire frequency range all on its own. But besides appealing to semi-audiophiles, the NX-A01 should also catch the eye of the design conscious since it comes in either black or white and has a set of backlit controls on top. (Orange backlight for the white version, green backlight for the black version.) Unfortunately since the audio player connects to the speaker with an analog cable there’s no device control options available, so the buttons on top only allow you to control or mute the volume and put the speaker into standby mode.

You can get it directly from the Yamaha online store for $69.95.

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