Having jellyfish as pets is not exactly easy. They’re very fragile creatures that will die if the conditions aren’t just right. This Jellyfish Aquarium claims to be able to pull it off, in a stylish and attractive product to boot.

– Live jellyfish shipped year-round from our certified breeding facility right to your doorstep
– Special laminar water flow pattern not possible in regular fish tanks mimics the natural open water habitat of jellyfish
– Integrated mechanical, chemical and biological filtration in an accessible, hidden compartment makes it simple to operate and keep clean
– Driven by a whisper quiet air pump that oxygenates the water and introduces no heat, keeping the jellyfish comfortable at room temperature
– LED changes the colors of the jellyfish with the click of a remote control button
– Made from durable, crystal clear acrylic hand-molded by the same factory we’ve been working with for five years
– Comes with all the accessories you need so you just add water: LED, remote control, sponge filter, salt, air pump, pipette, activated charcoal, nitrifying bacteria starter, and hydrometer

We like the idea of water animals in a tank because they’re a lot less maintenance than, say, a dog. Sure, you still need to take care of the aquarium, so we’re not suggesting it’s maintenance free, but it’s not like it’s you have to walk your jellyfish. At a $150 a pop, we think the price is just right since you’re getting a pretty unusual and exotic animal to display in your home. If you want actually jellyfish though, you’re going to have to add $100 to that price.







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