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You Can Now Print Your Own Earbuds-To-Headphone Adapters

You Can Now Print Your Own Earbuds-To-Headphone Adapters

By David Ponce

There comes a time when stuffing little plastic speakers into your ears gets boring. Maybe your ears hurt, or you just crave the look of oversized headphones better. Who knows why you’d want to eschew the convenience of buds for the bulk of headphones, but there you have it… it could happen. Well, you can now print your very own adapters to do exactly that. You do need to have a 3D printer in the first place, but seeing as how the prices on those things are dropping at an astronomical pace, it’s not unlikely you already own one. Created by the Chilean-born, Paris-based designer JC Karich, the files needed to make them have been made available on the Thingiverse, the marketplace for 3D prints for the Makerbot Replicator we discussed back in January. Yes, the finished product looks like Ramen noodles that were wrestled into a headphone shape, but that’s normal for 3D printed objects. The technology is still in its infancy, and if you don’t like the DIY look, you can choose a finer resolution and/or sand them.

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[ Thingiverse Files ] VIA [ Technabob ]