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You Can Now Print Your Own Food

You Can Now Print Your Own Food

Regular readers of this site will be familiar with our ongoing coverage of the rapidly evolving field of 3D printing. The short of it is: it’s getting cheaper, fast. But today’s news isn’t about how much price has dropped. It’s about what these machines are able to print. The Imagine 3D Printer doesn’t use melted plastic extruded through a fine tip, as most other printers do. Instead it uses special syringes that accept any soft form material. This means you can even print with food, as long as you blend it first. Any soft material you can think of, like frosting, mashed potatoes, uh… blended chicken (?) can be loaded into the machine and printed into intricate 3D forms. It has a large 9″ by 9″ printing tray, so you’re not limited to cupcake sized creations.

The Imagine 3D Printer is $1,995.

Hit the jump for a video of it in action, and links.

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