How many times have you been sitting on the couch, about to watch some Netflix when you realize you left the blinds open and wished you can lower them remotely? Not once? You just get up and close the blinds, which takes like 2 seconds? Well, if you had wished for a solution to lowering the blinds remotely then your prayers have just been answered (again, just pretend this a major problem in your life).

The Axis Gear is a motorized smart device that can draw your blinds for you. It works through an app that you use to control the blinds. It can also be setup to open and close the blinds automatically at certain times. A neat trick if you want to try using that big ball of fire as an alarm clock. It’ll even let you open or close all connected Axis Gears in a room with the app or by touching the ‘group’ button on the device.

It’s a neat device and if you looking at automatic blinds, buying an Axis Gear is certainly cheaper (and smarter) than most motorized blinds. But at $180 per unit, it’s not for the faint of wallet. And if you’re like me, then light is your enemy and you try to avoid it.

Axis Gear ] VIA [ DigitalTrends ]