If you’ve ever been concerned that getting pizza delivered straight to your door was still too much human interaction, you may be in luck. Dominos has teamed up with Ford to test self-driving cars that can deliver pizza. The program uses a Ford Fusion Hybrid and is currently being tested in Michigan, though a driver and other operators are still present to ensure all goes smoothly.

For now, testing allows random pizza orders in Ann Arbor to select whether they want their pizza delivered though the program. Once your pizza arrives, you’re alerted through the dominos app, and the rear window will open allowing you to grab your pizza from a “Heatwave Compartment” that keeps it warm. Speakers and a screen are also being implemented to make the process simpler.

Oh, how far we’ve come, from banging rocks together to make fire, to having pizza that essentially delivers itself. Though in this futuristic world, having your pizza delivered by a self-driving car removes the best part of the experience, answering the door in your pajamas and looking the pizza guy right in the eyes and having him know that this is most human contact and sunlight you’re going to get on a Saturday.

Dominos and Ford are hoping to start rolling out the system sometime in 2021.

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