Zeutschel OS 12000 Bookcopy (Image courtesy Zeutschel)By Andrew Liszewski

We’ve covered a few book copying machines in the past but I think the OS 12000 Bookcopy definitely wins in the looks department. While the other machines are designed to be used in a back room for automatically digitizing whole texts the OS 12000 is designed to be used manually like a photocopier.

However instead of placing your book or documents face down on a plane of glass you just set them under the overhead camera face up. The page will then be scanned in about a second with a resolution up to 300 ppi. The scanned image then appears on an LCD display letting you preview the results before you send the files to a USB flash drive, memory card, CD, DVD or even directly to a laser printer. And for archivists the OS 12000 is particularly friendly to older documents since it uses a very low light to illuminate the page in conjunction with the high speed scanning.

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