By David Ponce

We’re aware that watches as a time-telling device are pretty much finished. But they carry on as one of the few acceptable bits of male adornments left. We happen to have a soft spot for a few manufactures like Tokyoflash and Nooka. Well, you can add Ziiiro (with three “i”s) to that list. Their latest offering, the Celeste, tells the time elegantly by featuring rotating bands of colored, semi-transparent material. When different layers superpose, the colors change: gray and blue on the Mono models, and green and blue on the Colored models. You’ll get a better idea by watching the video below. They come in matte-finished stainless steel casings in chrome, gunmetal or black with matching bands. Available for pre-order now for €149 ($205), they’ll start shipping November 18.

ZIIIRO Celeste ( gunmetal / mono ) from ZIIIRO on Vimeo.

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