Zippo Hand Warmer (Image via Zippo)By Shane McGlaun

Here in Texas we are still seeing temperatures in the mid-80’s to the low 90’s routinely, but in other parts of the country it’s getting to the point where you need to start thinking about staying warm. Zippo has a product just for keeping your paws warm called the Zippo Hand Warmer. Notably, it warms your hands without using an open flame.

This gizmo claims to produce as much as 10 times the amount of heat as normal hand warmers are capable of. The hand warmer can produce heat for up to 24 hours on 0.4 ounce of lighter fluid. Zippo says the entire gizmo is environmentally friendly thanks to the only disposable portion being the burner. Hunters will like it because it produces low odor so the wild game won’t be scared off by the scent.

VIA [ Zippo ]