ZScanner 700

By David Ponce

If you’ve got $39,000 lying around, the ZScanner 700 might just make a fun little toy to play around with for a while. Using lasers and dual cameras, the handlheld unit is able to digitize any object into a three-dimensional polygon mesh within minutes. Simply attach the included reflective markers to the object, connect the device to laptop via Firewire, and start scanning. The image is displayed on your laptop as it is being created, so you can presumably rotate the object and get a thorough scan, in a very interactive manner. It’s even possible to increase the scanning resolution on the fly to get to those intricate details.

Now, if you ask us, the fun really begins if you plop down another $10,000, and get yourself the Versalaser object printer. That way, you can start cloning your stuff, and get yourself into a whole new world of geeky fun.

Although, in all seriousness, we can see the ZScanner 700 having more useful applications in the field of computer animation.

[ZCorp’s ZScanner 700] VIA [Mobilewhack]