Surv camYou’ve been to a casino, I’m sure. If you look up, you’ll see these dark little half-spheres all over the place. No, they’re not tantalizingly out of reach mini-pinatas. They’re security cams. There’s a bunch of people watching you at all times… but of course, you knew that. Well, now, you too can feel special with this fine offering from company Ipix.

The 2 megapixel camera comes with 7X digital zoom, can pivot all of 360 degree and can be controlled over the internet. It can “view images in low light, no light, and infrared-assisted lighting. CommandView can record in light as low as 0.5 lux in color and 0.01 lux in monochrome mode. When the camera reaches 0 lux, an infrared beam activates.”

So if you think you got some real valuables in your home, maybe this is the right way to spend your day at work. You know, snooping on your own place. Getting some real work done.

Check it out.

Via Engadget.


  1. Actually it doesn’t pivot. It sees a full hemisphere at the same time and multiple users can view through it as if each had their own pan/tilt/zoom camera. It watches everything in it’s view all the time. It’s especially useful with intelligent software. You can slave PTZ cameras with high power zoom to it and click on an image from the camera. Then the PTZ slave will automatically track to what you clicked on. They have a high-end model that sees a full sphere for outdoor use. Their catch phrase is “Total Situational Awareness”.