By David Ponce

Even if you don’t actually eat at your desk (but you do, we know you do), the nether regions of your keyboard are still likely covered in a murky swamp of bacteria and germs. Think of it: everything falls beneath those keys, and stays there forever. One solution then is to get rid of the keys altogether. The TSK-VX7 from company Amex Digital does just that in favor of a touchpad-like interface. It’s just like a laptop’s touchpad area, except there’s keys printed on the thing, and you use it to type. The upside is that all the pizza crumbs can easily be swiped away, instead of falling between keys only to be slowly digested by the microbes that also got loose from the surface of your grubby fingers. Sure, you get to tactile feedback, so it may feel weird typing at first; kind of like pretending your table is a keyboard. But we reckon you’d get used to it. Might be worth it, too.

It’s wireless and weighs 300 grams, but we have no pricing or availability information. Matter of fact, we can’t even find it on the manufacturer website, though we hear that it might be on display in Hanover, Germany on March 15th during CeBIT.

[ Manufacturer Website ] VIA [ EverythingUSB ]


  1. I don’t understand why a common keybord does not have holes or gaps to allow the crumbs to pass out anyway. If you look at all the crud that lies just below the Space bar, why not have an indent or a channel to let it be cleaned out? Why block the user from a normal cleaning method. Blimus!