By Jonathan Kimak

Have you got a thousand dollar budget for your next party or office meeting? Then you can rent out the 8-lane Scalextric race track. The track is computer controlled and can keep track of statistics like lap times, winners of each race and championship points.

The track measures roughly 19 feet by 9 feet so you’ll definitely need a big room. You also get a real live Race Director, a public address system and head microphone, full race structure and a choice of racing styles.

For an extra $400 you can get the Championship mode which includes race theme music, race flags and cones for decorations and 2 race marshals that will pick up your cars if they fall off the track.

Personally I’d keep the $400 and somehow find the strength to do the arduous task of picking up my own car myself. The only downside to this is that it’s currently only available in the United Kingdom.

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