PPSSPP, a popular app for emulating PSP games, has made its debut on the iOS App Store, joining the expanding roster of retro game emulators available for iOS users. Despite being around for nearly 12 years, PPSSPP was previously accessible only through unofficial methods. Developer Henrik Rydgård announced the release, expressing gratitude to Apple for easing its policies to allow retro game console emulators on the store. This change follows Apple’s update to its developer guidelines in early April, which has since seen the approval of emulators for Game Boy, DS, and PS1 games.

Free and Paid Versions

The PPSSPP app is free to download, but Rydgård has mentioned to The Verge that a $5 gold version is in the works. While the paid version on Android includes a few extra features, its primary purpose is to support Rydgård’s continued development of the emulator. The current iOS version does not support the Magic Keyboard for iPad due to initial compatibility being achieved via an undocumented API. Additionally, the Retro Achievements feature is not available yet, but Rydgård plans to reintroduce it in future updates.

Performance and Limitations

Unlike its counterparts on other platforms, the App Store version of PPSSPP does not support the Just-in-time (JIT) compiler, which enhances code execution efficiency. This limitation is due to Apple’s current rules, which, unless changed, will prevent JIT support in the iOS version. However, Rydgård reassures users that most iOS devices are sufficiently powerful to run nearly all PSP games at full speed, so performance differences may be minimal.

Game Availability

As with other emulators, PPSSPP on iOS includes only the emulator software. Users must source their own game files, as Apple prohibits the distribution of games without proper licensing. This means players will need to find their own PSP game files to use with the emulator.

With the launch of PPSSPP on the iOS App Store, fans of retro gaming now have more options for enjoying classic PSP titles on their iPhones and iPads. The continued development and updates promise to enhance the user experience and functionality over time.