history asimo

By David Ponce

Honda’s ASIMO has come a long way in its 20 year history, looking more and more human along the way. There’s really no reason (other than our anthropomorphilia (I like big words)) to equate a robot’s ever more human appearance with its apparent evolution. ASIMO might just as well have evolved into the form of a T-Rex, an arguably fitter and stronger animal specimen than us.

But I digress.

The point here, is that Honda’s put up a neat page of the robot’s history. A fun fact? The first model in 1986, called the “E0, Experimental Model D”, took five seconds between each of its steps, and all it did was walk in a straight line.

[ASIMO History] VIA [Gizmologia]


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  2. i am 12 years old, from england and i went to a youths engineering show and i got to see asimo. but there is only one seriouse question i want to ask… can asimo catch if you threw a ball at him?