By Michelle Cheung

Say Hello to BenQ 7350C Scanner. Designed to be space-saving, the unit can be easily transformed to suit your different needs.

“The lower part of the scanner is constructed as a stable, foldaway leg. In this way, the scanner can be placed upright against books or folders. With the integrated metal clamp, the unit can be hung on a wall as well.”

And you know how you can never find the driver CD after you first installed it, here’s a solution:

“An integrated compartment at the back side serves for storage of the driver CD. This solves the problem of having to find the right driver when the scanner is used by several people.”

How considerate! (Even though WinXP will auto install, but still… it’s a good effort.)

Too bad this product is nowhere to be found in stores (at least when I looked). Find out more here.