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Blinking Cellphone Holder For Quiet Offices

signal cellphone holderBy David Ponce

The SIGNAL Cellphone Holder is a simple device: you place your mobile in it, and when a call comes through, it blinks. Yeah, that’s it. But the point of it is that if you’re in a quiet setting, like an office, you can still know when calls come through. Just put your phone on silent and place it in there and the larger blinking holder will be easier to see than the smallish blinking a cellphone does when it rings on silent. Of course you could always put the phone on “vibrate”, but that’s not an option sometimes. Say, if you’re a lady with no pockets. Or a dude with overly tight pants…

The holder works much in the same way that blinking cellphone charms work: it picks up on the cellular radio waves. And no, it doesn’t even charge the phone, though that could make for an interesting DIY project.

It’s $21, but is out of stock at the moment.

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