By Scott Hirschheimer

Burton Winter JacketSnowboarding can now be done with the use of Bluetooth technology. Motorola and Burton have come together to create the very first Bluetooth winter jacket, the Audex Jacket series.

Listening to music and talking on your cell phone is now possible while snowboarding and skiing. Featured on the Burton Jacket is integrated Bluetooth technology for phones and wires to hook up your iPod. All of these features are controlled by the control panel located on your left sleeve of the jacket. In the hood of the jacket are speakers and a microphone.

This product seems very cool and could make a big splash in the snowboard and ski market. After going snowboarding for the first time, I wouldn’t recommend listening to music or talking on the phone until you are somewhat good. It is hard enough to stay upright in the first place without having a conversation or music blasting in your ears.

The Burton Snow Jacket will retail for around $599.95, which seems reasonable for a Burton Snow jacket with all these features.

For more info on the Audex Jacket series, click here.

For more info on Bluetooth technology, visit, the comprehensive guide to Bluetooth technology


  1. Wow, that does sound pretty cool. I would love to be able to listen to some tunes flying down the mountain. I never actually realized what Bluetooth was until i visited very cool site

  2. Very cool indeed. I’ve been waiting for bluetooth to hit the market beyond silly headsets that people feel they have to wear even when they aren’t on the phone. You people look rediculous.

    I have to say that a nice car integration would be a lot nicer though. Last I checked only a few stereos had bluetooth and they did it poorly. I’m not a big fan of having to buy a new luxury car or a stand alone device either.

    I want a nice car stereo that does it well.

  3. As an avid skier, I like the idea a lot, great implementation of Bluetooth indeed. But the thing is, O’Neill already came out with a snowboard jacket almost two years ago – I have it and used it out on my two latest skiing trips already (I am talking Europe here though – maybe it was not released in the US). Still, more of this please

  4. Yeah, perfect to look like a jackass, you want to ski or look like a peasant ? I hear they have a prototype for an anal plug version of that thing, you want one kid ?