What is the Rode Interview Pro?

The Rode Interview Pro is a wireless handheld condenser microphone designed to capture professional-quality audio in various content creation and broadcast scenarios. It seamlessly integrates with Rode’s Series IV wireless receivers and features state-of-the-art 2.4GHz digital transmission technology. This microphone offers a robust range of up to 656 feet line of sight, making it suitable for diverse recording environments from field reporting to studio interviews.

Who is it Targeted At?

The Rode Interview Pro is targeted at professionals in media, broadcasting, and content creation who require reliable, high-quality audio capture. It’s ideal for journalists, podcasters, and videographers looking for a versatile microphone that delivers clear, broadcast-quality sound without the constraints of cables.

Similar Products

TV reporter holding Interview PRO

Similar products in the market include other high-end wireless microphones like the Sennheiser AVX, Shure ULXD2, and other models within Rode’s own lineup, such as the Wireless GO II. These products also aim to offer professional-grade audio capture with the convenience of wireless operation.

Things to Consider

Interview PRO connected to MacBook showing RØDE Central

When considering the Rode Interview Pro, potential buyers should evaluate:

  • Audio Quality and Features: The microphone includes features like 32-bit float recording, GainAssist, and timecode compatibility which are crucial for ensuring high-quality audio capture and ease in post-production syncing.
  • Compatibility and Integration: It works seamlessly with all Rode Series IV wireless receivers, which is a significant advantage for those already invested in Rode’s ecosystem.
  • Range and Reliability: The microphone provides a substantial operational range of up to 656 feet and features an omnidirectional condenser capsule that captures sound naturally and clearly.
  • Price and Value: Priced competitively in the professional microphone market, it’s important for buyers to consider if the advanced features align with their specific needs and workflow.

The Rode Interview Pro stands out for its advanced audio capabilities and ease of use, making it a compelling choice for professionals who need reliable and high-quality audio capture in a versatile and portable format