BOB – Media Time Manager


BOB - Media Time Manager (Image courtesy Hopscotch Technology)By Andrew Liszewski

If you’re worried the kids are spending too much time in front of the TV, computer or video games the BOB system lets you quite literally lock them out. The power cord from any one of these devices plugs into the back of the BOB and is then locked in place.

The BOB device has a small screen and keypad that a parent can use to program how many hours a child is allowed to use whichever device it’s hooked up to and when these hours can be used during the week. Every member of the family has a unique PIN number they can punch in when they’re ready to use their alotted hours and time restrictions can be customized for each person. I wish as a child my parents had used a device like this to lock out access to our television during TGIF.

The BOB is set to be available in late April and will retail for about $90 which in reality is a bit expensive considering most homes these days probably have quite a few ‘media devices’ needing lockdown.

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  1. Most devices don’t have the power lead hard wired so all you need to get round this is a spare lead. How long before someone gets linux on it and runs Doom .