Card Drive U510, 16GB In Your Wallet


card drive u510
By David Ponce

The Card Drive U510, from PQI looks like a credit card. It’s almost as thin as a credit card, at 3mm. But, unlike your boring ole plastic, this baby can carry up to 16GB of data. Connects to PCs or Macs, and is USB 2.0 compatible.

Sadly, as pretty much anything else that’s actually cool, it’ll come out in Korea first.



  1. How many storage space will be needed. I mean that one company (i don’t remember which one) has been developed a 1.3 PetaBytes (not tera) Storage and the personal devices become phisically smaller and capability bigger at the same time. Where could we get?

  2. “sporting all the funtions of a USB compatible device”
    I had no clue a USB plug was only the thickness of a credit card. Now to see this on hackaday so you can mod this into your laptop. I think I would be too scared to ever put one of these in my wallet unless that 3mm thickness includes a titanium casing, imagine 16gb’s of data loss as a result of siting down…

  3. At what point do we start building computers and laptops without hard drives installed, and start carrying the HD around with us to use wherever there is a thin client station?

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