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Crack The Code, And Win A Neuros Recorder 2

neuros recorder 2By David Ponce

It’s time for a giveaway! Some of the more observant among you noticed something was up. Others went about their life, blissfully unaware than anything was cooking. Yet, for the last week, we’ve been setting this up, and now it’s time to go hunting for clues. And there’s a Recorder 2 from company Neuros Technology up for grabs, a $150 value. For those of you that don’t know the product, it’s a kickass digital VCR that gets shows onto your PSP, your Windows smartphone, etc, all legally.

You may have noticed some strange things in our posts lately. Things that didn’t look right, but you chalked them up to coincidence, or some glitch. Well, no, my friends: they’re clues. That’s right. In the spirit of The Da Vinci code, we’re playing little game of our own. You want to win this? Come inside and read the rules.

Clues have been placed on posts, starting on May 9th, and ending on May 16. We’re not telling you what kind of clues, how many, on what posts, or what. You have to figure that out on your own.

Once you think you have the answer, email it to us (at the address I give below) along with the answer to the following two questions:

1) What values does Neuros Stand for?
2) What is the size and weight of the unit?

You may find answers to those questions at the company’s website. Email those answers, along with whatever you think the clues give you to “OGcontests” at the ole Gmail. You have one week, until the 23rd of May, to look through the posts and figure things out. A winner will be chosen, randomly, from the first 30 entries.

Now, we don’t want you cheating. So, I’ve turned moderation on sitewide, and your comments will be edited to prevent you from spilling the beans.

If, by the end of the week, people start crying over lost sleep at their failure to decode, we will drop a few hints. But don’t wait till then to try, you may just be the 31st to send your entry in.