What is it about German words? Uber this. Das that. Huh? What is it about them, that if we use them, somehow everything seems more powerful, bigger, better? Well, whatever, I don’t know. Point is, this keyboard is kinda cool.

Let’s say you’re a real geek. You write code in your sleep. You’re the go-to guy at work, whenever the ‘puters start spewing smoke. Shouldn’t your keyboard reflect this special status? I mean, hey, when you’re that hot, why do you need symbols on your keys? Well, this keyboard does away with them altogether, just so you can show off. And that’s not all.

Seems most keyboards have a standard force that needs to be applied to register a key: 55 grams. This guy isn’t like that. The key springs go from 35 to 80 grams. Apparently, this is supposed to magically improve your typing speed, through some sort of learning process. It sounds great, but hey, it’s late and I don’t have the energy to actually figure it out.

It’s 80$ and the website is here. So you go there, and tell me all about it. Story VIA