proclaim speakersBy David Ponce

Paranoids and other mentally unstable readers may want to abstain from Proclaim Audioworks‘ DMT-100 speaker set: they look like three eyes stacked atop one another. Of course, the company did not set out to make them look like eyes on purpose; they claim they produce better sound being shaped this way.

The enclosures are built using two opposing layers of fiberglass which are filled with a proprietary sand mixture which is then vibrated to a densely packed consistency. The result is a heavy, dead, non resonating enclosure that lets the driver unit itself do all the talking and not the surrounding surface.

Maybe this actually makes sense, maybe it does not. This sort of talk is usually reserved for a very special kind of person: the audiophile. Only they will be able to separate the audio wheat from the mumbo-jumbo chaff, if only in their minds. See, the audiophile lives in a special kind of world where the right words can talk them out of $26,000. That kind of money buys saner people a car, but who are we to judge?

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  1. As the company’s publicist, I’ve spend some time with these speakers. I never made the eyeball connection because the first pair I saw were in real life 3D and colored purple, as in the photo here . Indeed, from those who first see them in real life, the jokes are a little more PG-13 rated. Once you hear them, especially if you are somewhat of an audiophile, it is immediately apparent that these are very serious and fascinating speakers.