elecom MF-DU204GBy David Ponce

Companies like to include superlatives in all their product releases. “World’s thinnest, biggest, stinkiest…”, etc. It’s good for business, and sometimes even true. Take the MF-DU204G, 4GB HDD from Elecom. It’s allegedly the world’s smallest external hard drive. At 68 x 30 x 13 mm and 44grams, that might very well be true.

The device houses a 0.85inch, 4GB drive, and hooks up via USB 2.0. Sadly, it leaves our Apple-enabled brethren in the dust, as it will only work on machines running Win 98 and up. It’s set to cost around $220, and will be out (Japan only, no doubt) sometime towards the end of February.

[Elecom’s MF-DU204G Hard Drive] VIA [Gizmologia]