By David Ponce

Don’t know if there are any Fortune 500 CTOs reading this site. Just in case though, listen up. Company EMC just announced the world’s first petabyte storage array: the Symmetrix DMX-3. That’s peta, as in 1,024 terabytes. As in over a million gigabytes.

The machine is physically large, featuring up to 9 cabinets and it achieves this monstrous capacity by packing loads of hard drives. The petabyte system uses 500GB hard drives, and sports an astonishing 2,400 to achieve petabyte capacity.

Of course, they cost about an arm and a leg. The entry-level version of the DMX-3, which features a mere 96 drives costs $250,000. This suggests that the full 2,400 drive petabyte monster should be somewhere around $4million.

Chump change.

[EMC Symmetrix DMX-3] VIA [ZDNet UK]


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