We’ve already covered automatic lawn mowers, and they seemed quite fun. The RCLM 2006 S-Class from Evatech is a little more hands on, as it requires actual operator control. Nevertheless, the effort ratio is quite low, and you can definately not have to move much more than a couple of muscles to get it to work. Which, of course, is the Ultimate Goal of all technology.

Now, remote controlled mower doesn’t sound that exciting you might say. And of course you’d be right, if it didn’t have the following specs: two independant rear motors with speed control for zero turning radius, alternator to power the electronics, 22″ mulch blade, remote starter and optional gyro for some indeterminate additional functionality.

It’s, uh, $2300.

And you can get it here. Story VIA Makezine.

Update: Reader Mark says the gyroscope function is to make sure you don’t flip the thing over if you turn it a little too hard at high speed.