snipshot_e4r64sa7r7v.jpgBy Ryan Nill

Fuwapica Furniture glows!

…based on how much you weigh. The Fuwapica project was unveiled at the SIGGRAPH 2007 in San Diego; the glowing cube-shaped furniture comes in two varieties, Honeycomb and Ice. Upon sitting down, the furniture will assign you a color based upon weight. The Ice types are inflatable and display solely based on your weight, while the Honeycomb ones can coordinate with the seats and the table.

The Honeycomb’s table contains a computer and LCD display screen that can control the chairs. If you place something on the Honeycomb’s table, the computer will analyze it and then instruct the chairs to glow in a matching, accompanying color. Or you can just let them ravage your self-worth at will by glowing based on your weight.

Sources indicate that this technology is more than just a design exercise and will be available commercially within one or two years. Currently, the Fuwapica Honeycomb retails ¥417,000 (or US$3,505) and the Fuwapica Ice sell for¥179,000 (or US$1,500) and are both available now from the Proto-Type Inc., located in Tokyo. No word if they have an online site.

[ gizmodo ] VIA [ inventorspot ]