collarWhen I first read about this, two things popped in my head. One: “Hey, it’s just like that Petsmobility thing OhGizmo! covered a while back. Two: “Still looks like a good idea, and it seems to have a couple of added functions.”

Then I went to the website and started reading. I was quickly disillusioned.

First, let me tell you what it does. It’s essentially a two-way pager with GPS. You attach it to you dog’s collar. You then setup a virtual fencing area within which your dog is allowed to roam freely. Should he step outside, you’ll immediately be alerted with your pet’s position on your cell phone, PDA, computer, what have you. Also, you can get your pet’s position sent to your mobile any time you’re curious.

Sound’s pretty good so far, no? Well, people, let me tell you, this is nothing more than a pathetic grab at your wallet. It’s horrible. Ghastly.

Go inside for details of why.

First of all, the device itself is 350$. Then, you have to purchase one year service, at 18$ a month, plus a 35$ activation fee. But it gets worse. It turns out that if your dog wanders outside its “fence”, and you need to be alerted, that counts as a “locate”. And “locates” aren’t free.

That’s right. Everytime the company has to contact you to tell you your dog did what normal dogs do, and wandered a little too far down the street, you get charged. The plan gives you 3 “locates” a month. After that, a 3-pack of locates is 8$ and a 9 pack 20$. And that’s not 3-pack a month… No, no.

So, assuming typical dog behavior, you could use up to like, what, 20 “locates” in a week.

God, I don’t even have words.


Anyway, the company page is here. Story VIA TreeHugger.


  1. That is EXACTLY the reaction I had!!! I was SOOOO excited to finally get a GPS locator for my dog, which I have been waiting for for years. Now it’s here and it is a total rip-off. I would gladly pay the $350 and the 17/month. But I need unlimited “locates” I am paying for it to tell me where my dog is and that is what I should get. Not some type of extortion method to keep my dog locked up.