Hard Drive Coffee Table (Image courtesy Grand Idea Studio)By Andrew Liszewski

Wow. While I really have no use for a coffee table, I would make sure to find one if I had this.

From Grand Idea Studio comes this coffee table made from an original 26-inch hard drive platter from a 1967 Control Data Corporation 6603 Disk File Controller. The center hub of the platter and the custom-made pedestal are both made from solid aluminum and the entire platter is covered with a 1/4-inch piece of table glass to protect its surface.

For the tech-heads out there, looking at the original manual (PDF) this drive could store 37,355,520 12-bit words which works out to be about 53 MB of total storage. (37,355,520 * 12 /8 = 56,033,280 bytes /1024 /1024 = 53.4 MB) Given this drive was made in 1967 I was expecting it to be far smaller than that so I’m quite impressed. Of course the entire drive would have probably consisted of at least 6 platters like this one so you can only imagine how big it was when completely assembled.

Unfortunately if you want a Hard Drive Coffee Table for your own home you’re out of luck, it’s a one-of-a-kind and is not available for sale.

[Grand Idea Studio Hard Drive Coffee Table]