By David Ponce

Hey guys, Federated Media (our advertising partner) is testing out a new widget and they’ve asked us for a little help. It’s a little poll that they’re running simply asking what your favorite wireless carrier is. Mind you, it’s not who you’re currently mortgaging your soul to they’re after, but really rather who your “favorite” carrier is. I don’t want to get into a metaphysical argument about what it can mean to have a favorite you don’t currently patron patronize, so instead I’m just asking you guys to click on a little button.

It’ll make us plenty happy… but of course feel free to skip if this is not the sort of unsolicited nagging you thought you signed up for. Just remember: we don’t do refunds.

The poll is below, and I’m going to leave it up for 4 days.

<a href="">Which mobile carrier do you prefer?</a> | <a href="">BuzzDash polls</a>


  1. If this is simply a test of the functionality of a “widget” that's one thing, but if this is actually supposed to gauge a certain demographic's preferences in wireless carriers then I must fault the poll designer's sloppy methodology. By putting the name “Verizon” in the headline and then indicating in the paragraph below that the poll is being conducted “for Verizon,” the poll designer has jeopardized the validity of the results.

  2. “… you don't currently patron”?
    Since when was “patron” a verb? It is a NOUN. The verb is “patronise” (or if you really insist and are a merkin, “patronize”).
    PLEASE, PLEASE correct this before we start to see it all over the interweb tubes.

  3. PS What if gazillions of your readers all answer “other” because WE ARE NOT IN THE USA? Maybe you might want to re-phrase your invitiation, and extend it only to US readers.