Every now and then, I have to come out and ask for help around here. Well, it’s that time again. I’m looking for contributors. The added twist, this time, is that there’s a (very modest) “compensation package” already in place, and there’s the possibility of eventually turning this into a true paid gig.

Here’s what you need to have before applying:

A good command of the English language.

A passion for technology and the digital lifestyle.

An RSS aggregator chok full of smaller gadget and technology sites.

A burning desire to be read by thousands daily, without being intimidated.

A willingness to be ordered around by this site’s cruel dictatorial owner.

If you think you fit, let me know at “editor” at this domain.


  1. you apply at [email protected] if i read the post correctly
    i do fit the description however i consider myself below this website
    i often find i prefer ohgizmo to larger gadget weblogs such as gizmodo and gadgetmadness which i both visit daily aswell
    hopefully the new contributor will keep the site going just as strong

  2. Good God. You can afford to pay people! Now I feel bad. My website can’t even pay ME!

    I’m good at finding stuff, and posting it, but I prefer to do it in an environment where only about seven people a day see it, and compensation comes in the form of pennies per day.

    Yes, I suffer for my art.