neuros recorder 2By David Ponce

There’s a sparkling, shiny, delicious new Neuros Recorder 2 itching to be given away. You know that, right? Yet, despite my audience’s undeniable wit, smarts and undying love for all things gadget… I’ve yet to receive one right answer in our giveaway. It’s not “Dan Brown”, nor “Best Media”!

Perhaps y’all aren’t into code breaking… So, let me make things easier for you. There is a hidden message in the posts from May 9th, to May 16th. This message is made from letters either improperly capitalized, or strangely colored. And, to make it even easier, here’s how the message spells out: “P- – – – – -E V- – -O M- -E E- -Y”

Can’t get much easier than that, right? For the rest of the rules, and how to send in your entry, read this post.