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Hydrofoil Water Scooter

hydrofoil-water-scooter.jpgBy Bruce Eaton

Having grown up on the gulf coast of Florida, water sports is very near and dear to me. Boogie boarding, wake boarding, Hydrofoil Water Scooter humping on the bay… wait a minute?! Through Hammacher Schlemmer, they sell this ingenious, innovative, intriguing and incredible machine that is powered by the rider. You essentially “hump” up and down on the scooter and it moves! Actually, it looks like magic, as seen here (bottom left).

Made of lightweight aircraft aluminum and fiberglass, it only weighs 26 lbs. so you can easily transport it and launch from a dock or boat. Since there are no engines, there is no way to get stranded due to mechanical breakdown or fuel shortage. As far as getting stuck in the middle of the ocean due to lack of foresight and cramping muscles, well, that’s your problem.

A nice add-on is the fact that you get a good workout as you “hump” across the waves. Yup, $500 will get you serious some stares and WTF’s next time at the beach. Have fun.

[Hydrofoil Water Scooter] VIA [Uncrate]