How many beers can you open at once? One, maybe two? What are you, a sucker? Think about all the valuable minutes of your life your wasting by opening one beer at a time. You could be using that time to spend with family, or reading more OhGizmo!.

Thankfully, someone made a beer opener that’s the size of a pizza peel (that’s the actual name of that large paddle they use for pizza, who knew?), that can open up to six beers at once. It’s called the SIXOVERONE and It’s designed to fit a standard six-pack of bottles, so you can have your buds ready before anyone has time to second-guess that next beer.

It’s a cool idea, but I’m just not sure how well a stamped piece of metal can hold up against six under-pressure bottles of beer, like from a physics standpoint. Of course, I don’t know how much force is required to remove a bottlecap and whether the force required grows exponentially as the number of bottlecaps increases.

Available on Kickstarter for $25. But seriously, it’s called a pizza peel? All my life I’ve been calling it a paddle.

Hit the jump for more glamour shots of the SIXOVERONE. (BTW, they have better product shots than 90% of the products I see.)

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