By David Ponce

A little while back, we wrote about the KISS DP558. It was a nice little DVD player that connected to your network and played DivX. It played almost every file you could throw at it and had a 200Gb hard drive. The only problem was its lack of support for WMV and HD content.

Well, this little player fills that gap. It’ll play HD content from DivX and WMV9 as well as non HD stuff. It plugs to your network, so you can stream right to your TV, and you can also attach an optional external drive to the network to add PVR capabilities. It has a USB 2.0 connection, memory card reader (for nice on-the-go slideshows, etc.) and… well, geez, I could go on like this for a while. Needless to say, the feature list is quite long. The point here is this: networkable DVD player with HD Divx and WMV playback.

And it doesn’t break the bank with a MSRP of $250. Check out the website right here.

Thanks Rotax!


  1. I O Data AVel LinkPlayer2

    DVD player, smee-VD player. This is by far not a DVD player; this little gem would definitely rank in as a low-end media center in my sick twisted electronic mind. Integrated hard drive, network sharing, USB 2.0, flash reader, optional…

  2. Indeed. I’m giving serious thought to wiring the house in cat5e and setting everything up via Bluetooth remotes, with back-end headless PCs running the show. This is a sexy thing.

    And the last line of the article… Did someone named Rotax recommend the product, or is it really made by Rotax? From single-cylinder engines to cool electronics…